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ISOPasta Rice (4 pack) - 40 Servings and 1200g of Protein

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Since Isopasta is made with three different proteins: isolated soy protein, pea protein, and whey protein, it is one of the best protein packed meal options available. When compared to pork chops, steak, white beans, tofu, and protein powders, chips, and bars it is clear that Isopasta is the best choice. It is higher in protein content, while maintaining lower carbohydrate, fat, and calorie counts.

Unlike ordinary pasta this will need to be cooked for 17 to 22 minutes to reach that perfect al dente' form. No longer will you have to deprive yourself of the pleasure of pasta, now you can give into your temptations and feel good about it. With guilt-free ISOPASTA, the self-shame is over.

In each 50g serving: High Protein (30g) and Low Carb (7g net carbs)